Wild hair and Country/Cowboy inspired

The hair, I know it's not the best looking but it was just part of the process I was going through, it's gone now! But to go along with this crazy hair I had the challenge of finding hairstyles and finding outfits to go along with this look trying to make the best of it. Did I succeed? I hope I did! 

I watched that new movie, what's it called again? Oh yeah, The Longest Ride and I must tell you it's a must see in my books. But anyway regardless of the movie being fantastic it put me in the mood to experiment with outfits and I didn't think I would dress like that any time soon, but here I am.

The boots could be both festival or country/cowboy inspired in my eyes and what seems to go along with the boots was my brown handbag, I must say I'm not one to wear brown but this combo is something I'm loving. Also another feature that supports the initial inspiration of this outfit is the suede jacket even though it's black. If I had a brown one, trust me I would have worn it.

As you can see this outfit could of being plain and simple when looking at the jeggings and top but with a bit of inspiration any outfit can be transformed form nothing to something.



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