Classy & Vintage

I would love to apologize first because I know I don't look amazing in these pictures. But let's forget the way I look in pictures and get straight to the outfit. 

The lace dress I'm wearing is black (as always) and I haven't worn it in a while because as a person that has more clothes than needed, I don't wear every piece frequently. However the white Miss Guided jacket I have worn constantly recently and I have come to the conclusion that it's my absolute favourite!

For my accessories I am wearing a simple necklace which was a gift and simple stud earrings with diamond and pearl details. The bag I wore is just vintage inspired and I absolutely love it, the fact that I don't wear vintage often makes me happy to wear this bag and have a different style combined to my outfits.

On my feet I had wedges with plain white straps, I wanted extra height and wasn't feeling like wearing heels therefore these comfortable wedges were my best option. My hair is still going strong with the pink which I'm happy about, the makeup was mainly focused on pink tones.

I feel like the overall outfit was amazing and I was just having a bad day in front of the camera. This outfit is just very classy and vintage looking which is a look that I love to wear.


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