Colour in The Dark


So yeah, let's get the name of this post explained first. So I went out (to Ikea) and I don't know why but I was into dressing up that day. In England we don't tend to get lovely summer weather and it's always dull and cold so I describe it as the dark for some reason. 

 The brightest item in this outfit is the skirt, which you might have seen before on my other blog before my obsession with fashion was transported to the Fashion Convert. Anyway, this skirt is basically neon bright and I believe that it is amazing. I love the cut of this skirt since it makes your body look nicely shaped, it's just flattering.

And here you go again, my white jacket. Apart from that I'm wearing a white bag which has being my go to recently and black sandals with studs on them since I thought I don't want the 'warm' weather to go by without me wearing summer clothing. I had a bit of that mixed metals look going on since the studs on my shoes and earrings were silver where as the detail on the jacket and bag were gold.

 In some strange way it just went along nicely and formed this look. To be honest I am happy with the way this look turned out and the way I turned out in these photos considering previous posts where I was looking a lot worse!


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