Comfortable Outfit

I'm not sure when this post is going to go up but anyway, on one of the previous Mondays I had to get out the house and go up town to sort a couple of things out as well as picking things up. It was a Monday so obviously a comfy outfit was needed and since I didn't want to be all glamed up I still wanted to look put together, here is my outfit.

The only 'coloured' item is the flats I'm wearing. I had chosen to wear these instead of my white ones since I wear my white ones too much. Also the pink adds a bit more colour to my outfit. The brown bag is a must for me. I had to carry quiet a few things with me and it fit everything perfectly, also before I broke up from school I would have used this bag oftenly since it's just perfect. Even though I had sun glasses on  my nose I had to carry an umbrella with me since it's British weather we're talking about here.

The leggings were plain obviously, but I must say leggings are my favourite things on earth (as long as they're thick enough so you can't see through them!) The top I decided to wear isn't colourful however it is a favourite of mine. The shape of it is a favourite since you could wear it lower down so it covers your bum but you could wear it higher up as a cropped top too depending on your preference. I obviously wasn't feeling the crop top style that day so I stuck to the comfy option since that's what the outfit was about.


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