New Season Update: Autumn

As a big magazine lover I was looking through one of my Glamour magazines and got inspired to share the above feature with you. Therefore from that you can obviously tell that pictures do not belong to me.

Anyway, Autumn is on it's way and I feel like throwing a party to celebrate! I am beyond excited and can't wait to have an excuse to stay in bed all day. Let's get back on track with fashion. New season, New Trends? Well who knows, we could be surprised by new trends or be revisiting previous trends that were set.

I believe that there's going to be something interesting about the upcoming season. I know for a fact that I'm expecting more leather and suede to join us back again, suede items were a trend in summer so I feel like they will be continued on into autumn or maybe even winter. 

As for the colours I know that I will be taking steps back to my monochrome obsession HOWEVER, I might have seen mustard, different shades of green, rusty orange, dull red, dusky shades and yellow colours popping up. Is it just me or is that one of the features in the new autumn trends?

Even though half of you out there have probably being wearing boots all year round, there will be a bigger variety coming up. I know that I already go out ot the shops and see autumn items and shelves full of boots. Thinking about it there might be a big variety of boots out there but I believe it's all going to be the types we've already seen.

Oh I almost forgot, the boot cut/flare jeans and trousers are starting to make an appearance again therefore I recommend you look into that. They were very noticeable in the bohemian and festival fashion trends this summer. 


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