Primark Free Spirit Collection

I think I'm quite late on this collection but I still wanted to talk about it. Primark came out with this Free Spirit collection this summer and once I looked at all of the clothes featured I fell in love. 

This collection is inspired by the 70s from what I can see. Within the collection there's apparently soft textures and pretty jewels included. I think that this collection is very festival inspired and has a lot of bohemian features.  I know it don't seem like it, but bohemian style is something I totally love. I just wish I could actually pull it off more often. The last image has a dress which is only for £8 and it's beyond stunning! I am also a big fan on the cape featured on the third image since it looks so comfortable. 

I'm actually surprised with the amount on layers going on within this collection since its for summer and you don't tend to wear a lot of layers in summer (unless you live in the UK). I like the look with the white hippy looking shirt and Bohemian flare jeans which are presented so well together. I feel like everyone out there could pull off this collection and it would look amazing. What would your perfect bohemian outfit look like?


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