Purple Hair, Denim and Leather

The British weather has downsides to it, and that's how fashion challenges are formed. It's that time of the year where it's summer but the weather does not represent summer at all. For this outfit I wanted colour, variety of materials and classy yet sporty. Here's what I came up with.....

To start off with the shoes I wore were on the sporty side, they basically dressed the whole outfit down and made it more comfortable. The bag I'm wearing is surprising totally opposite from the shoes, very classy and more put together looking. I love the way those items could contrast too much but in this look they present themselves wonderfully in a pair.

The different materials within this look were mainly the leather and denim. The leather skirt is something I have owned for a while but don't wear out as much. I love the look it has and it has a hint of the 50's trends going back to circle skirts that were worn during that time. The denim jacket is more of a summer feature that many people wear in summer and I felt like it would have been too much leather with a leather skirt and a jacket.

To add colour it was time to actually wear a different coloured top apart from black or white. I love this top but I am unsure of how it goes along with my hair. What do yout think of this outfit?


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