Smart and Playful

I wore this outfit out and I actually got complimented on it. I liked the way this outfit had turned out for a couple of reasons. I like how the pink skort goes along with my hair, lipstick and adds more colour to this look. After all it's summer and I possibly need to step away from neutrals.

The shoes I'm wearing are amazing. There's a platform which isn't too high and the heel is thicker therefore more comfortable to walk in. I made the mistake of walking too fast in these as if I was running a marathon and slightly lost my balance and fell over. It happens to all of us and hey, it's not about the fall it's about how you recover and build back up! (that's what I try telling myself) Or you could say the floor needed a hug and so on.... enough with the excuses now.

The top I'm wearing was a bit of a debate when I first put this outfit together but at the end of the day I loved it. The top makes the whole outfit seem more smart looking and put together, something you would wear to work or school. Even though the skort plays it up the top makes it smart.

I'm not really big on accessories therefore I just kept a pair of sunglasses in my bag, which in this case was The Blogger Programme tote bag. It's super useful and fits everything in perfectly. It also looks nice with every outfit.


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