Stereotypical Fashionista

I feel like a totally stereotypical fashionable woman that you would find in films such as The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopacholic or Sex in The City which are all my favourites therefore I'm not complaining. Who would?! 

I was so happy when the weather was nice and I finally picked up a dress and wore it out. I've noticed that I do that more often now which is great in my opinion. I think that the print on this dress isn't my typical favourite but I do like the colours. I feel like my personal style contains every style out there put into one persons liking and incorporated into their life, that's probably why, if I had to describe my personal style I would say "whatever I like". 

I feel like the white denim jacket was the perfect choice and it also compliments the footware, white wedges that have become more comfortable to walk. As for my bag it's black and you have probably seen it before so I'm not going to keep on about it. 

I feel like I've had a lot more courage to experiment with my fashion choices since I added a white belt and I'm wearing larger feather earrings. I was unsure of the earrings becuase they had their own vibe going on but I felt that even though it doesn't go with the outfit 100% it adds it's touch to it. Never be afraid to wear what you want!


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