White & Purple

That day I LITERALLY had 5 minutes to get ready! I must admit as for a 5min getting ready session I did pretty well. I'm actually surprised at how fast I put this outfit together and how good it turned out. Also I'm not wearing anything black so thats good. 

The purple jeans I wore were a nice change from the obvious common shades. I have only worn them once before however, I think I should wear them more often. I love how the purple tones in this outfit are very similar and look like they're matching (they're not). I feel like the outfit looked very calm and sweet because I was wearing light colours.

You know what? As you an see the famous white Miss Guided jacket is making an appearance
yet again (if by now you think I get paid/got it for free to promote Miss Guided then your wrong!) I just completely love this jacket and feel like it is a favourite of mine. I'm pretty sure you have probably seen this bag before so no surprise in that either. And yet again my plain white flats which I wear all the time if I'm not wearing heels or wedges.


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