When you come to think about it, everything comes across to have layers (or parts or stages). But you generally should get what I mean. At the end of the day multiple things make a whole, for example let's talk about food. A bar of chocolate wouldn't be a complete bar without that one square we'd eat (or a whole row, if not the whole thing). You can't make tea without water and you can't cook a meal without a source of energy that is turned into electricity/heat (too much science revision for me as you can probably tell). 

The point I'm trying to make is that the above applies to EVERYTHING. It's not just the things we physically handle but our thoughts, actions and the people we choose to be. You can't be accepting without having the full understanding. You can't hate on someone without getting to know them. You possibly can't be sorry for someone without true compassion. You can't give up without trying and certainly cannot love yourself without accepting yourself. So I'm left wondering, why is it so easy? So easy for people to hate themselves, let alone others. So easy to stop without trying and so easy to generally reach a point where you struggle and can't get back up to creating those layers that are required in life. 

I'ts unreal how easy it is to say "Don't give up", "try your best" or "you can do it". It's also easy to hear it. But when did it become so hard to apply?  Honestly I'm not going to try and give some motivational phrase at this point, have heard one too many over the past couple of months without it making a change. What I will say is things take time, others don't. We have to complete some things and just do it the 'best' we can. Things have to be done in out own time and with own individual approaches. 

Before I get too distracted, this is my look for today yayy! I wore this to work a couple of weeks ago now and it wasn't one of those days where I went out my way but I was certainly inspired by high end fashion and layering different items to create a variety of features within the look. I obviously chose to stick with a suitable colour that wouldn't over complicate things and then I can add more colours as the weather begins to get better. I know the weather has been okay recently but I only get to wear black or navy to work anyway so not much of a difference. Do you tend to layer things up or keep it simple?


  1. Torebka cudowna! *o*

    Mam nadzieję, że wpadniesz również do mnie!

    Elwira Charmuszko

  2. Looks very interesting) Thanks for the great post!

  3. Great post :))

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  4. The shoes are the standout piece in this look to me. Love them!

  5. Pretty in black. Love the bag!

  6. Hej! Świetny post, jesteś naprawdę megaaa śliczna :)

    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :

  7. Buty najbardziej wpadły mi w oko. Osobiście jednak ubrałabym je bez rajstop :)

  8. super chic look! I love your style :)

    Check out my latest blogpost "The Sauvage Life"
    to get some summer style inspo :)

    xoxo Eva


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