Clothes Show Live 2015 Outfit

Clothes Show Live was amazing this year and for my experience on the whole event I will write a blog post on my Beauty/Lifestyle blog. On this blog as per usual I wanted to show my outfit for this event. Choosing outfits for events can be very hard considering the fact that you want comfort but fashion at the same time. Truthfully I was one of the people that was excited to go for the whole year and then only got round to picking my outfit out the day before. I know that dark tones are always in during the winter months so that was my go to. This Topshop dress is very comfortable yet has a roll neck and is fashionably appropriate. The length is good too. I had paired tights with this outfit due to the fact the weather was really cold. At first I was planning to wear black boots with a heel but I've heard from other bloggers that for clothes show it's good to have comfortable shoes for all the walking around that was going to happen. Even though these boots have a wedge inside to increase height they are more than comfortable for me to wear for an event like this.   


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