Clothes Show Live Image Catwalk: Graduate Designs

I am very open to everyone elses work out there and at the same time love fashion therefore I was so happy to attend Clothes Show Live. The Graduate catwalks at Clothes Show have to be a favourite of mine. All of the designs are so full of life, it feels amazing to watch everything being presented. The Graduate Shows were found on the Image Catwalk. There was a variety of different Universities and Colleges that exhibited their work. You can visit to get more info. Below you will find that I've written about my favourite designs from these that I'm showing you. 

                                                      -Photos were taken by Rod Leon

-If any designs in this post belong to you feel free to contact me and give me your name and link to site/social media account.


I am a big fan of this look because it's fashion combined with everyday wear. Even though the top looks like something plain the longer side parts give it an interesting look. The trousers are made with a different textured material which adds a larger variety. The heels are nice and chic, nothing too extreme. It's nice to see these looks because not everyone is as confident and prefers to stick to on going trends. 

This look is similar along the lines of fashion mixed with everyday wear. The top of the design has a lovely cutout that reveals some skin making this look more sexy instead of looking like you're swimming in your grandads oversized jumper. I love how the skirt is a block colour making itself stand out as well as complimenting the jumper piece. The heels are the same so I'm guessing there is a theme in the collection. Another big hit for me is that this certain design was created using the same fabrics which makes it look like a whole. 

 Now this is where a turn is taken. The base colour of this design is dark black obviously. I think it creates a statement and sets a mood since when I look at clothes I see more than materials on a body. However, the black is subtly overpowered by the bright colour incorporated into the materials. The green fur looks really good in this look. The skirt looks as if it has blue,white and pink woven through the black material, the colours to me look like they have glitter on them but don't hold me on that one. The tights add more detail and boots make the look tougher. 

 Last of my favourites show the most outgoing look I think. there is a mixture of materials found in this as well as previous trends. You can find a hat with gigantic feathers, a top which is a crop top and has lace, there is some fur round that model (or feathers?) as well as the bright flares that look great. This is the type of creation I can see one of the Confetti Crowd girls wearing, or all for that matter of fact. I like this look because it fun and it's interesting. It's alive. There isn't a large variety of colours however the two colours in this look make it feel like hundreds. The Cowgirl boots are amazing too. This is a really fun design and that's what fashion is about, fun and experiments.


  1. Great post dear! :) xx

  2. Great pieces!

  3. Such bold pieces, love them! xx

    1. Yeah they are, glad you liked this post featuring them! Xx

  4. such a all styles are lovely....

    1. I know, something for everyone which is perfect!


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